Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1626. Sound; Year 1

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Mar 12 04:02:06 PST 2000 by Ann Cavanagh (
St. Anne's R.C. J.M.I., Liverpool England
Materials Required: See lesson plan
Activity Time: 1 hour 30 min

Lesson on the topic of sound; - Year group 1

National Curriculum Background

c that there are many kinds of sound and many sources of sound;
d that sounds travel away from sources, getting fainter as they do so;
e that sounds are heard when they enter the ear.

Resources; -
Identical containers
Plastic pegs
Washed Gravel
Wooden beads
Other available small items with which to fill containers
Tape recorder

Lesson Plan; -
As an initial assessment, take the children on a listening walk around the school and its grounds. Make notes/comments on the range and variety of sounds in each environment.
Can the children tell the room/ area they are in just by listening to the sounds there?
Record the sounds in each place you visit.
Back in class play back the sounds; - how well do the children recognise the recordings?

Children work in groups of 3/4
Allow the children to select four different materials to fill their containers.
In groups use blindfolds to play guessing game -- what is inside the container?


Support: - children may hear the sound as many times as they need.
objects should be chosen with distinctive sounds easily distinguished from each other.

Extend: - make a fair test. Which person in the group is best at distinguishing each sound? How many shakes of the container? How far away from the container? Do you have to take account of height of person? How long do they have to answer? How will you record your results?

Plenary: - One person from each group will report to the class on. . .. . ..
the easiest sound to recognise ..or
the sounds put in order from most distinctive to hardest to recognise -- is there a pattern? Are softer sounds/higher sounds harder to distinguish from others?..or
the results of their test.