Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1628. How do I feel?

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 13 16:34:12 PST 2000 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama Board of Education, Japan
Materials Required: flashcards, worksheet
Activity Time: 30 min
Concepts Taught: learning simple adjectives to describe feelings

How do I feel?

(I am sure this has been done before, but I decided to post this for those of you new to the field and for those of you you may have forgotten.)


1. Using only basic adjectives, the students will verbally describe how a person feels in a foreign language..
2. The students will illustrate different adjectives given to them in the target language by drawing pictures.

1. Using flashcards that have the target language and one side and the English translation on the other, teach the students some basic adjectives used to describe how a person feels. E.g. happy, sad, sleepy, hungry..... Students should be asked to repeat the pronunciations of the words after the teacher.
2. Next, showing the students the foreign language side of the cards, ask them to say the English equivalent. After going through the cards one or twice, ask the students to say the correct foreign word which corresponds to the English word you are showing them.
3. Next, have the student practice using exaggerated body gestures while saying the words in the target language. For example, when the teacher says ghappyh in the foreign language, the students should repeat the word while making a great big smile.
4. Next, show the students a picture of someone who is happy. Ask the student gHow is she/he?h have the student respond using the target language. It would be even better to ask the question in the target language and have the students respond in the target language using complete sentences.
5. Next, have one student come to the front of the class. Secretly show the student one of the target language vocabulary words. The student must then perform whatever necessary to get the rest of the class to say that word. However, the student performing may not say anything.
6. For closure, have the students draw pictures of people depicting some of the new vocabulary words they learned. Make sure that they label the pictures according to the feeling they are trying to illustrate.