Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#1629. Fun with Newspapers #2

Language, level: Senior
Posted Mon Mar 13 16:39:16 PST 2000 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama Board of Education, Japan
Materials Required: newspapers in the target language
Activity Time: full lesson (45 min)
Concepts Taught: skimming texts

Sections of a newspaper.

I did this in high school when I was studying German. I loved it. Thought I would share it with you. I just wish I could remember the name of my teacher so I could give her the credit.

1. The student will be able to name the different sections of the newspaper in the target language.
2. The students will skim the content of an article written in the target language.
3. Given an article from a newspaper, the students will extrapolate which section of the newspaper the article came from after skimming the article.

1. Divide the class into small groups.
2. Give each group one or two newspapers (make sure the newspapers are from different days or at least different newspaper companies.).
3. Have the students search through the newspaper and write on a separate sheet of paper the tittles of the sections of the newspaper as a group.
4. After the groups think they have found the tittles to all the major sections of the newspaper, have some of the students list the different sections on the board. Go over the categories and make sure that the students understand the vocabulary by asking a few students to translate the words on the board
5. Check the board to make sure that all of the sections have been listed and all unnecessary words have been erased.

(At this point, you can stop and explain each section a little more in depth, if not, follow with step 6.)

6. Next, explain how to skim an article the students.
1. look for a tittle
2. pay attention to bold print
3. read the first line and last line of every paragraph
4. your eyes should never stop moving
5. do not try to understand everything.

7. Next, hand all of the students a copy of an article taken from the newspaper. (You can decide the degree of difficulty by choosing a difficult or easy article.) When passing out the articles, have the student place the papers face down. After all papers have been passed out, tell the students to flip the papers over as skim as quickly as possible.
8.After ten seconds, ask the students to stop and flip their papers back over.
9. Call on a few students and have them tell you what they think the article is about in a few words.
10. Next, have the student turn the sheets back over and skim the content again. This time give the student 20 seconds before stopping them.
11. Again, call on a few more students to explain what they think the article is about.

(At this point you could continue with comprehension questions about the article. If you do not want to allot so much time to this lesson, then continue with step 12.)

12. Ask the students what section of the newspaper they think this article would be found.

13. Next, have the students, as a group, flip through the newspaper and cut out one interesting article from each section. Make sure that they write on the back of the article which section of the newspaper the article came from.

At this point, my time usually runs out. So, the next day, I do the following.

14. I xerox the articles the students cut out onto overheads. The next day, we review todayfs lesson and then practice guessing which section of the newspaper the respective articles came from.