Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#1635. Creating a Web Page (en español)

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Thu Mar 16 19:59:41 PST 2000 by Mathis López (
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North High School, Denver, Colorado, US
Materials Required: a computer and graphics
Activity Time: two weeks
Concepts Taught: Web Page Design

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Mathis Lopez's Microcomputers1 - NORTH HIGH SCHOOL

Web Page Design Unit

Overview - Student will be introduced to HTML and the construction of a simply website
with a minimum of 3 links to sites of a like interest.

Objective - Learn the language of the Internet.

Start Date - February 27, 2000

Due Date - March 28, 2000

Assignment - We will start with a step-by-step intro to HTML, so the students will
have a basic understanding of what is really going on "inside" the browesr.

Next, the students will decide upon an area of interest to them; one in which they would
like to share with others around the Web.

They will refine the text of their pages and insert graphics to enhance their site.

Create links to other sites with a similar interest.

Post their "web pages" on one of the school's free web sites.

Web Resources:

Html en español
hyper text markup language in Spanish
Sample web page en español
an example of a web page
En inglés
How to create a Web page in English
Rabbit and Turtle Web Page
The Hare and the Tortoise web page design
En Español
A sample web page in Spanish
Hoja de Colores
Color Codes for fonts and backgrounds.

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