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#164. Ice Breaker: Blanket Name Game

Games, level: all
Posted by Joyce Hawkins ().
H.F. Laughin P.S., Brampton, Ont.
Materials Required: One Large Blanket
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning Names of Classmates

Students are divided into two teams. Each team sits on the floor facing the other team. A blanket is held by two volunteers (teacher and a student) between the two groups. Each team then quietly chooses one member of their team to sit just behind the blanket and ahead of their own team. At this point the chosen individuals are sitting facing each other, but concealed by the blanket. The blanket is then dropped and the two students quickly identify his opponent. A point is scored for the team who shouts out the opposing person's name first.

Modification: Each team can reveal a verbal clue describing the chosen individual directly behind the blanket, prior to the dropping of the blanket.