Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#1648. Scented Playdoh Recipe

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Mar 28 16:46:54 PST 2000 by Robin GLass ().
Materials Required: boiling water, salt, kool-aid, alum or cream of tartar, flour

The recipe for scented playdough is this:

Mix together 1C boiling water
1/2C salt
1 pkg flavored Kool-Aid*
until dissolved. Then mix together 2Tbsp
alum or cream of tartar with 1+1/2-2C flour.
Mix dry ingredients gradually into wet
mixture using a metal spoon (as the
Kool-Aid* stains all other kinds of utensils).
When stirring becomes difficult, have fun and use
your hands! ENJOY

*During the winter months, I use blue or green
food coloring and add a dash of peppermint extract!
The kids love it!