Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1652. furniture and homes

other, level: Middle
Posted Sun Apr 9 19:51:39 PDT 2000 by Maryann Schlesinger (
CMMS East, Lock HAven, PA USA
Materials Required: picture and overheads of rooms and furniture,dollhouse furniture, worksheets
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: vocab in foreign language for a home and furniture, constructing meaningful sentences involving them

Students will learn the names of rooms in a house and furniture in the room while reviewing colors and gender and learning "or" and "in" in the target language. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary. They will be given a handout that shows pictures of the room and furniture and the French word written below. Students will repeat the words 1 or 2 times. Next, the teacher will say the words and the students will repeat and point to the picture of the words. The instructor, using an overhead, will then ask in the target language is this the living room or the dining room, etc. This will be repeated with furniture. Students will then be told that the shower goes in the bathroom, all in the target language until they understand the meaning ogf the word for in. At this point, the teacher will call upon students to answer the questions Does the chair, toilette, etc go in the dining room? This can be used a s a yes or no question or a Where question. (Where does the shower go?) Finally, the teacher will hold up flash cards or doll furniture and review colors with students by asking in the target language "is the couch blue or green?" or simply asking, "what color is the couch?" Students can then repeat all the words, itemize them by room or gender on paper or be given worksheets to reinforce the information.