Grade: Middle

#1653. History Hall of Fame

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Sat Apr 1 05:30:23 PST 2000 by Annejeanette Washington-Wooten (
James S. Rickards Middle School, Oakland Park, FL
Materials Required: 16 Extraordinary Americans Series, White Butcher paper, Multicultural Crayons, Markers, Scissors.
Activity Time: 7-10 days
Concepts Taught: Reading, Writing, Visual Arts

Prepare your students that they will create an American History Hall of Fame for various cultures that have been forgotten in American History.
Allow students to browse through the 16 Extraordinary
African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, or American Women series. (Photocopy each story before you allow students to browse.)

Once students have selected their person, have them spend the first 2 days reading about their person. On a sheet of paper, have them record information such as their birth, place of birth, childhood, marriage(s), chidlren, accomplishments or claim to fame, and if applicable, demise.

Review each students information by day 2 so that they have recorded the correct information.

On day 3- Students will get white butcher paper to outline theirshape. Have a male student trace a male student, and have a female student trace an female student. The student should draw the face and attire becomeing to the person they have researched. Along the right side, students will rerecord the information that was researched. Be sure that the student uses multicultural crayons to distinguish cultural features. Use markers and crayons to emphasize details, color, and use black marker to outline resarch information. These life-size posters should be displayed in
an area of the school where viewers can read about these extraordinary Americans. Featured Americans include Wilma Mankiller, Christi Yamagucci, Princess Ka'iulani of Hawaii,
Cesar Chavez, Jackie Robinson, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.