Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#1662. Puberty

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 12 14:25:48 PDT 2000 by Tehia Perretta (
Penn State, Altoona, USA
Materials Required: Word search, dictionary, blackboard, chalk, over-head projector, over-heads, white paper, pencil,
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Physical changes that occur in male and female bodies during puberty

Trigger Activity: Provide a word search with words relating to puberty.

(T) Define puberty

(T)(ST) Discuss the physical changes that take place in all adolescents during puberty

(T)(ST) Identify similarities and differences that
occur in males and females during puberty

(T)(ST) Put class into groups of two and have
them draw the body of a male and female before
and after they experience puberty

(ST) Place the drawings on the bulletin board
in the room

CLOSURE: Observe and discuss the drawings