Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1663. Water Cycle Outdoor Game

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 12 16:45:22 PDT 2000 by Brian Beckenstein (
Igo School, Foxboro, MA
Materials Required: large mats
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Exciting Outdoor Activity to learn about the Water Cycle

Water Cycle Game
lesson created by Brian Beckenstein, 2nd Grade Teacher

Outdoor Game
Sun = Teacher
Ocean - designate an area
2 or 3 mats labled Clouds
1 or 2 large mats labled Nimbus Cloud

Rules of the Game:
designate areas outdoors for the Ocean Section, Cloud Section, and Nimbus Section (make it in the shape of a circle.)
7 or 8 children start in the ocean
6 children split into 2 clouds (3 on each mat)
5 children stand on the Nimbus Cloud.

1). All children are in their spots.
2). The teacher is the Sun.
3). Teach the groups the following information:

Ocean Section = Goal -The Ocean People shout out Evaporation and run to the Cloud Section.
They want to become clouds.
It takes 3 people standing on a Cloud Mat to become a cloud.
If they can't become a cloud, they are a water droplet and stay in the Cloud Section. On their next turn they stand on the Cloud Mat and wait for other Ocean People to join them so they can become a cloud.

Cloud Section = Goal - Only Clouds (groups of 3) can shout out Condensation and run to the Nimbus Section.
They want to become a Nimbus Cloud.
It takes 5 people standing on a Nimbus Mat to become a Nimbus Cloud.
If they can't become a Nimbus Cloud, they stay in the Nimbus Section. On their next turn they stand on the Nimbus Mat and wait for other Cloud People to join them.

Nimbus Section = Goal - Once you are a Nimbus Cloud (group of 5), you shout our Precipitation and run to the
Ocean Section. (It doesn't matter how many people are in the Ocean Section.)

When the teacher blows the whistle,
all 3 groups start and move to the next section
(if they can.)
They then wait for the teacher's whistle to continue on with the cycle.