Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#1668. Using Power Point in the Classroom

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Sun Apr 16 11:45:48 PDT 2000 by Deborah Lutz (
Canton Area School DIstrict, Canton, PA,USA
Materials Required: access to computer with Powerpoint plus deskprojector
Activity Time: one hour

Title -- Using Power Point in the classroom

Lesson Purpose: Teacher will learn how to incorporate Power Point into the daily Lessons by the hands on method.

Lesson Objectives:
1. Become acquainted with Power Point
2. Describe the basic features of Power Point
3. Describe and select a presentation style
4. Create a short 5-7 side presentation

Lesson Activity: #1
Create interest by using a presentation showing common features of Power Point.

Supporting Web information:

Lesson Activity #2
Have participants follow through the power point tutorial on the web or download if internet is not available.

Supporting Web information:

Lesson Activity #3
Discuss what constitutes good/attractive presentation styles.

Supporting Web information:
Developing a presentation style with Power Point

Lesson Activity #4
Have participants create in outline form something that they have presented using overheads. Or have them bring these with them to the class.
Apply the outline/presentation to Power Point.

Lesson Activity #5 (Wrap-up)
Have participants present the finished product to the class for evaluation.
Teacher can modify this for student to use with book reports at most grade levels.