Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1671. What is it about?

Language, level: Middle
Posted Mon Apr 17 17:52:59 PDT 2000 by Yamagata Prefecture, ALT Teachers ().
The JET Programme, Japan
Materials Required: chalk board, chalk
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: reading comprehension warm-up

Reading comprehension warm-up

Before the students start reading a text in class, show them only the title of the story and/or pictures from the story. Then ask the students to call out vocabulary words that they think will appear in the text. Write these words on the board. If you want your students to practice spelling, have your students call out how to spell the word as you write it on the board. (You can also turn this into a game if you would like. I usually divide the class into three teams and see which team can come up with the greatest amount of words. Or, you could play a game like Scategories-you only give a point for words created that do not appear on any of the other teams' word lists. This forces the students to be more creative and original. )

After you have many of the words written on the board, you can procede with several activities:

- have the students categorize the words on the board by nouns, adjectives, etc.
- have the students group the words. For example, sad, happy, associated with kidness or nature
- have the students use the words on the board in their own original stories.
- if possible have the students call out words that have the opposite meaning of the words/phrases listed on the board.

Then, have the students read only the first part of the text/story. Stop them at a key point and have them finish writting the story.