Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#1674. Distraction

Language, level: Senior
Posted Mon Apr 17 18:02:26 PDT 2000 by Yamagata Prefecture, Assistant Language Teachers ().
The JET Programme, Japan
Materials Required: a short paragraph, chalk board, chalk
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: asking questions

The students will practice asking questions.


Tell the class that their role is to impede you from writing a short paragraph on the board. They are to impede you by asking you questions. The students must first say excuse me to get your attention. At this point, you must stop writing and look at the student. While the student is asking the question and while you are answering the question, you may not write. However, if the student takes a long time to ask the question, you may begin to write again until they form a comprehensible question or give up. They may ask you any kind of questions; however, you have the ability to answer the question how you wish. For example, if one student asks you a personal question, you can give them a very vague answer.

You should set a time limit for you to complete writing the paragraph on the board. If the students manage to stop your from writing the paragraph within 7 minutes, then they win. If not, you win.

As an option, you can select a student who has a good command of the lanaguage to come up and take your place. Challenge him/her to finish it during the established time.

Afterwards, another student can be called and challenged to do the task in less time while the class keeps distracting him/her. You can use this game as on ongoing game. Keep track of who has completed the paragraph the quickest. The students love this and there is never a lack of volunteers. Just make sure that the students stop writing when asked a question! They love to keep writing when they should not be.