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Subject: Health

#1682. The Food Guide Pyramid

Health, level: all
Posted Thu Apr 20 09:42:03 PDT 2000 by Karen M. Potts (
Indiana University of Pennsylvania , Indiana,PA, USA
Materials Required: three recipes of different pizzas
Activity Time: entire lesson is 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Teach students the groups and servings

Rationale - Learners - Objective - Activities - Notes to Teacher

A Lesson Plan On:
The Food Guide Pyramid
By Karen Potts

Unit: Nutrition
Task: The Food Guide Pyramid

The Confident Consumer, By Sally R. Cambell, Copyright 1995, The Goodheart -Willcox Company,
Inc., pps 168-171

Home Economics Teachers' Survival Guide, By Margret F. and Robert C. Cambell, Copyright 1993,
The Center For Applied Research in Education, p228

Teacher Aids Needed:
3 Transparencies on the Food Guide Pyramid
1 Transparency on the Dietary Guidelines For Americans
3 different pizza recipes
(Check out my notes page for helpful web sites!)

Room Arrangement:
For Lecture: For Group Work:

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * *

Introduction To The Lesson:
In front of the room you probably noticed the three different posters with a pizza on each of them. One
is a hawaiian pizza, a cheeseburger pizza, and a buffalo chicken pizza. All of the pizzas have similarities.
I want you to list the similarities and place them all into groups. For example, they all have cheese.

Content/Learnings/Subject Matter:
The Food Guide Pyramid-
What the food guide pyramid looks like (transparency)
The groups and servings (transparency)
The dietary guidelines for americans (transparency)

Summary of Learnings:
(Give the students a handout of what the pyramid looks like)
It is important to remember the groups, their nutritional value, and their serving size. Remember that you
can combine many of the food groups into on meal in interesting combinations, just like the pizzas we
saw at the beginning of class.

For the next class period, the students are to name 3 different dishes that include ingredients from several
different groups, (you cannot use a pizza). They are to write out the ingredients and say what group they
fall under. They must also list how many of each of the servings that they should have each day.

Evaluation Procedure:
The homework assignment will serve as an evaluation of how well the students understand the food
groups and the servings.