Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1690. The Solar System

Science, level: Elementary
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Sample Lesson Plan
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, USA
Materials Required: power point presentation (if available) and materials for a diorama
Activity Time: Appoximately 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: students will learn the sequence of planets in solar system

This lesson is designed to introduce the planets of the solar system to students in the 4th grade level. There are various activites that will be implemented encouraging student's memorization and basic concepts of each planet.

The students will be able to name the planets of the solar system in order from the Sun to Pluto. They will be able to recognize the planets by pictures shown in class, and be able to report 3 basic facts of each planet when questioned. Performance Indicator: The students will write a 1 page report on a planet of their selection, and as an extention activity the students will create a diorama of the solar system using a shoe box and various sizes of styrofoam balls. After completion, and evaluation of reports, students will share them with the class.

Lesson Activities
Time Allowance Teacher Student Response
2 min. Greet the Class: preparing the students for learning Students get seated and prepare for note taking
3 min. Introductory Questions:Ask students to list names of planets they know Answer Question
5 min. Starting with the Sun: draw solar system on board and have students copy diagram copy diagram
25 min. Power Point presentation on Solar System Students take notes
5 min. Explain that students will choose 1 planet and write a 2 page report on it Students choose planet
5 min. Give web sites to students that relate to solar system Students copy for later use