Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1691. Pollution

Science, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: poster board, markers, small boxes, pictures of different types of pollution
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Types and Causes of Pollution


Pollution has become a large problem and is causing great harm to our environment. Children of today need to know the different types of pollution and the sources of the pollution. They also need to know preventative
measures so that they can protect the environment from further damage.

Grade 1 Students

Students will be able to:
1. Identify and discuss different kinds
of pollution.
2. Identify and discuss sources of pollution.
3. Discuss and explain why it is important
to keep the environment free of pollution.

Following a Lesson on Pollution, students should know the information well enough to help control pollution problems and be able to inform others on
the issues of Pollution.

Lesson Activities: (45 min. class)

5 min: Introduce the lesson; causes of pollution

5 min: Review vocabulary terms dealing with the lesson.
(pollution, environment, littering)

10 min: Show illustrations of different kinds of
pollution; land, water, and air.

Let the children identify what is wrong in the

Express to the children how the environment cannot survive without clean air, water, and land. Also how it is up to the community to keep the environment free of pollution.

5 min: Tell students to make a list of possible ways to
help stop pollution.

examples: pick up litter, do not throw garbage into water bodies, walk or ride a bike as much as possible

20 min: Activities for Controlling Pollution

1. Have children make a poster to inform others about the dangers of pollution. (Display them around the school.)

2. Give each student a box and paint to make "litter boxes." Decorate and write on reasons why it is imperative not to litter. (Place boxes around school and homes).

********************************************************* First Grade Science: Afternoon Session, Monday, April, 4
Topic: Causes of Pollution

Analysis of the Audience

Demographic Characteristics

There are 21 students in the class, eleven of them are girls and the the remaining ten are boys. The majority of the students are six years old and they all live in the Penn Trafford School District.

The school is located in basically a rural area, about thirty miles outside the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The families of the children range from parents who travel to the city everyday for work to those who live on their own farm.

Topic specific Characteristics

The class seems to be on an average very intelligent and interested in learning new things. They do very well on tests but they enjoy learning in group activities and oral based exams. They do not have much background in the
science field being that they are only in first grade but they are ready and willing to learn.

I think the class will do very well this year with the science aspects including this lesson plan of the causes of pollution. I believe that they also will do very
well in the other subjects including math, reading, and spelling. They are very enthusiastic individuals with minds that are ready to explore and experience
new things.


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