Grade: Elementary

#1694. Probably Passage

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, U.S.A
Materials Required: Worksheet entitled "Can You Predict the Story"
Activity Time: 62minutes

Lesson Activities
* This lesson will be done in one class period, which consists of 62 minuites.

5 mins.
Gathers all materials that are needed for the lesson
and looks over the lesson plan.
Free time to talk to fellows classmates, do work,
silently read; their own fee time.
2 mins.
Handout the worksheet entitled "Can You Predict
the Story?" The worksheet is divided into five
Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution, and Ending.
Sit patiently until the teacher passes out the
worksheet to all of the students.
5 mins..
Writes ten pre-selected words on the blackboard for
the students.
They will write down on their worksheet the ten
preselected words that the teacher wrote up on the
10 mins.
Tell the students to use their thinking skills and try to
decided where the ten words written on the
blackboard may fit into the story.
They must use their thinking skills and decided where
they think the words may fit into the story. They will
place the words in any of the five columns, but may
not be repeated in more than one column on the
worksheet handed out.
15 mins.
Ask the students if they have any questions towards
the assignment. Walk around the classroom and give
help when it is needed.
Once students have entered each of the ten words
into a column, they are to create their own short
story. This will serve as a prediction to the upcoming
5 mins.
Stop the class and ask if anyone needs any free
time. If so give free time to the students that need it.
Should be finishing up on their short story if they are
not already done.
10 mins.
Explain to the students that they have just made a
prediction about the story they are about to read..
Have all or some of the students read their short
story to the class.
Will either read their own story to the class or will sit
quietly and listen to their classmate as they read their
10 mins.
Listen to the predictions that the students made and
give the students comments if necesary about their
They should try to keep some of the predictions in
mind that they or their classmates had about the story
while reading to see which, if any were correct.