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#1698. Resume Writing

other, level: Senior
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Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA
Materials Required: Worksheets, Overhead (optional)
Activity Time: 45 minutes



Grade 11
Mrs. Davis


Write a personal resume on tablet paper, using your own information, but following the sample resume with 100% accuracy.


Greet the class


1.Pencil and Paper - students
2.Overhead Projector
3.Prepared Worksheets


Have discussion on careers, how career should fit likes and dislikes of student.

Discuss the current fictional after-school job opening, and how students could fit this job.

Turn on overhead projector and read job opening.

Introduce resumes
1. Use overhead to give students different definitions of resumes.
2. Give the purpose of a resume.
3. Give the characteristics of a resume.

DEVELOPMENT: (18 min.)

Talk about the kind of information a resume should contain. You do not want to clutter a resume with too much information, but it may be hard for these students to think of enough information.

Turn off overhead and hand out worksheets that are prepared by teacher.

Have a section consisting of adjectives describing personal qualities. Some should be desirable in prospective employees for this job, and some should be not. Discuss strengths and weaknesses on worksheet as a group.

Another part of the worksheet should contain items that may or may not belong on a resume, such as address, religion, and age. Have the students read each item out loud one by one and say if they think it should be included or not.

Have the students inventory their own experiences to see what qualities and skills they have individually to offer an employer. A worksheet that the teacher prepares to help them think of things is good here. Include leading questions about events or organizations they may have been involved in.

APPLICATION: (10 min.)

Give them one example of a resume that is in the style you want and discuss the different parts of the resume. Discuss format, sentence structure and amount of content. Is anyone having difficulty understanding?

Students will complete draft of resume independently.

REVIEW: (1 min.)

Encourage questions and encourage the students to assist each other if they are done.

EVALUATION: (3 min.)

Give it to teacher for general approval. Ask them if they think it is ready to submit to employer. Preview tomorrow's lesson, which will be to keyboard the resume for a final copy.


1. Not enough information for resume
2. Do not have copies of examples to hand out
3. Limited time


1. Encourage them to ask for assistance.
2. Write resume on board as going over it; read questions and word list and write acceptable answers on the board.
3. Finish it at home.