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#170. Cookie Exchanges during the holiday season

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted by T. Dwyer (
West Milford High School, West Milford, New Jersey
Materials Required: a good recipe, great tastebuds, and lots of milk
Activity Time: 2 - 3 class periods (14 kids per class)
Concepts Taught: To teach process as writing and as speech

Just before the Christmas holiday break, I noticed my students, especially my low level kids were very antsy. Part of the curriculum required students to write process and to give a speech. So I brought the curriculum and hungry teenagers together. We had a lot of fun. Just a little warning, however, 28 students went through 8 gallons of milk.
I had students bring their favorite cookie recipe to class. They then met in groups and helped each other plan a step by step presentation of how the cookie was made. First, an outline was prepared that explained the materials needed before the cookies were made. The next part of the outline explained the ingriedients. Then, the final section of the outline explained (as creatively as the kids chose, how they mixed everything together, and what the results would be. After the outline, students rehearsed their speeches with each other. As a homework assignment, my kids had to take the outline and develop it into an essay in which transitions and conjunctions were used to show process. The speeches were great. The kids each prepared two dozen of their cookies to share with each other. I supplied the milk and paper lunch bags for any students who may have had cookies left over. Besides the cookies the kids got to sample, they were able to bring the dough they prepared in class home. Refrigeration was supplied by the cold windowsills.
I found this to be a great project to keep my kids focused during a very hectic, pre-vacation week.