Grade: Senior
Subject: Health

#1702. Self-esteem and Self-concept

Health, level: Senior
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Materials Required: transparencies and paper
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: skills needed to enhance slelf-esteem and self-concept

Sample Lesson Plan

Rationale Learner Characteristics Objectives Lesson Activities Notes

The purpose of this lesson is to provide students with the skills to enhance their own self-concept and self-esteem. This lesson will allow students to share what they have learned about themselves with others in a creative manner.


Terminal Performance Objective
At the conclusion of this lesson grade nine students will be able to identify and define self-esteem and self-concept, their differences, and how to apply them to their daily lives.

Enabling Objectives
The learner will be able to:

define self-esteem and self-concept
discuss the differences between self-esteem and self-concept
participate and complete the "commercial of me" activity
evaluate their personal values and morals
apply positive concepts in order to promote personal self-esteem and self-concept
Lesson Activities

Time Teacher's Activities Student's Activities
15 minutes -introduce self-esteem and self-concept
-provide feedback during group discussions -mini group discussions (each group comes up with their own definition)
-each group shares definition with class
5 minutes -initiate class to provide two overall definitions for each concept
-suggest introducing the words value and moral into definition -groups provide pieces of their definition to formulate overall class definitions
25 minutes -provide feedback and ideas
-keep students on task
-emphasize use of positive characteristics and capabilities to be included -"commercial of me" activity
-develop an advertisement or commercial to "sell oneself"
-are given the option of designing a radio or television ad, billboard, sweepstakes, coupon, etc.
15 minutes -conclude activity
-share projects with class
-provide feedback -share projects with class
-listen classmates explanations of their projects
-share opinions of activity with class

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