Grade: Senior

#1706. propaganda

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Tue Apr 25 09:52:57 PDT 2000 by Tim Kantor (
IUP, Indiana
Materials Required: WWII propaganda posters
Activity Time: 50 min.

Sample Lesson Plan


Rationale Learner Characteristics Objectives Lesson Activities Notes


The purpose for this lesson is to show the students that some things could have two meanings and let the students practice their skills of analyzing pictures. I also want to show how propaganda can help a small group of people manipulate a large group of people.


Terminal Performance Objective

After the lecture on propaganda used in W.W.II, the tenth grade students will be able to analyze a poster from the forties and identify the meaning and intention of the poster at least 75% of the time.

Enabling Objectives

- students will be able to identify propaganda
- students will create own posters
- students will recognize results of propaganda
- students will have different approach towards cartoons in newspaper

Lesson Activities:

Time Teacher's Activities Student's Activities
10 min. introduction and mini lecture on propaganda students will take notes and become familiar with propaganda
15 min. show and explain propaganda posters used during WWII to each group students will break into 4 groups and analyze posters
20 min. help students with activity students will create their own propaganda poster
5 min. help students with activity students will show their poster and explain the meaning to the class