Grade: Middle
Subject: Health

#1707. Nutrition

Health, level: Middle
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IUP, Indiana, PA USA
Materials Required: food magazines
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: balanced diet

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed
-Food Magazines
-Safety Scissors
-Food Guide Pyramid
-Various foods

5 Minutes
Introduce students to the topic of
nutrition and explain the importance and
effects to the body.
15 Minutes
Food Guide Pyramid
Show students the six categories of the
food guide pyramid and show examples
from each. Ask students for their own
examples. Explain the nutritional value of
carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins,
minerals, fats etc.
15 Minutes
Cut out foods from magazines
The students will cut out three examples
of foods from each food group and glue
them onto their own food guide pyramid.
10 Minutes
Assessing Nutritional Value
The students will write down the foods
they have selected and on a piece of
paper write down the nutritional value of
the foods and if and how it would be
beneficial to their bodies.
5 Minutes
A summary of the lesson's activities will
be given and the importance of healthy
eating will again be stressed. Questions
will also be taken.

Behavioral Objectives

Terminal Performance Objective- The student will be able to determine the correct food group for any
item of food and describe characteristics of foods within each group and their nutritional value with 85%
or above accuracy.

1. The student will be able to properly define the different categories of foods and what groups different
foods belong in.
2. The student will be able to identify the nutritional value of foods in every food group.

1. The student will be able to decide what foods would be beneficial to their health and what foods would
be detrimental.

1. The students will go through food magazines and cut out examples of foods from each of the
respective food groups.
The purpose of this lesson is to have the students understand how much nutrition affects our bodies.
While learning about the nutritional value of foods the students will discover the advantages and
disadvantages to eating a well balanced diet as opposed to an unhealthy diet. The students will also learn
how to balance their own personal diet by using the guidelines from the food guide pyramid. With this
newly acquired knowledge the students will be better prepared to make their own lifestyle choices and will
have the ability and know how to live a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition in America is often overlooked by
society but with obesity in children becoming more and more prominent nutrition is becoming more and
more important to the youth of America as well as the older population. This lesson could act as a
springboard into a healthier lifestyle and hopefully will help the students make better nutritional decisions
for their lifetime.