Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#1710. Affect of the Navigation Acts

History, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Internet Access, paper, colored pencils
Activity Time: 50 min.

Sample Lesson Plan

Learner Characteristics


The purpose of the this lesson is to give the students a more specific look at some of the affects on the
American Revolution. The students have merely been given a general overview of the Revolution. I
want them to be able to analyze a more specific situation. In researching their colonies, they will acquire
useful information pertaining to the history of the American Revolution. This will also allow the students
to use their critical thinking skills and make inferences about the attitudes that each specific colony would
have in regards to independence. This lesson will serve as a good introduction to subsequent lessons on
this era of history.


Terminal Performance Objective:

Following group research on the economic situations of the colonies at the time of the Navigation Acts,
tenth graders will be able to construct pamphlets displaying a specific colonies position pertaining to the
Acts and they should be able to make inferences on the upcoming positions of the colonies in
supporting/not supporting the American Revolution.

Enabling Objectives:

Students will be able to:
1. List the colonies at the time of the Navigation Acts
2. Describe the economic conditions of the respective colonies
3. Analyze why each colony would react to the Acts the way they did
4. Discuss the upcoming positions the colonies would make in the revolution

Lesson Activites

Amount of Time
Teacher's Activities
Student's Activities
5 minutes
Give a quick overview of the situations
of the American colonies when the
Navigation Acts were started. Explain
what the Acts were. Give directions.
Get into their assigned groups and begin
their research.
15 minutes
Assist research and answer any
questions that students have.
Using the internet and text, the students
will look up information on their assigned
colony. They will collect basic informatio
that will be included in the pamphlet.
1 minute
Distribute materials for the pamphlet
Continue researching
19 minutes
Continues to help with any problems
Groups will start to create a pamphlet
showing their colonies position in regards
to the acts and why they take that
9 minutes
Discuss what the groups have done.
Explain that in the next class the groups
will be presenting what they have found.
Given an opportunity to ask any
questions that they may have.
1 minute
Dismiss class
Class dismisses

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