Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1711. grammar

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Tue Apr 25 09:56:45 PDT 2000 by Jared Miller (
iup, Indiana PA, USA
Materials Required: three rules for semi-colons
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: semi-colon

Grammar Lesson

Rational and Background
This lesson will help students communicate effectively and express themselves clearly in
society. This lesson will prepare students to write job applications and
like other grammar lessons it will provide them with more job opportunities
in the job market. This lesson will help bridge a common standard of communication
that meets the diverse needs and backgrounds off students. This lesson
will clarify the students' misconceptions and misunderstandings of the
Lesson Objectives
To prepare students to have a clear understanding of the use of semi-colons.
To involve students in a "free write" exercise.
To illustrate the correct use of the semi-colon.
To point out errors in semi-colon usage.
To teach the three main rules of semi-colon usage.
To incorporate these three rules in a "free write" exercise.
To have students participate in group work on the subject of the
correct usage of semi-colons.
To have students illustrate their understanding of semi-colons through chalkboard
Introduction: Explain my objective of the lesson to the class.
2. Use the visual aid ( traffic light ) to help explain the semi-colon.

3.Have students do "free write " exercise.
4. Have students follow with the overhead projector as I explain
the three rules for semi-colons and give examples of each.
Use partner work to have students help each other find where
they can place semi-colons on their free write paper.
6. their sentences on the board in front
of the class.
Conclusion: read a quote from Abraham Lincoln to show the importance of
Tell class to write two sentences for each rule for homework.