Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#1712. Fungi

Science, level: Senior
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Indiana University, Indiana United States
Concepts Taught: chareristics of fungi

Terminal Performance Objectives:
At the end of this class the students will know the basic characteristics of
the three types of fungi that are out there. They will also have the chance to
grow their own fungi on a seperate plant.

Enabling Objectives:
-teach them mycology
-give them the different reproduction systems
-they will know the importance of fungi
-they will know the what foods contain different fungi
-they will be able to identify the different types on fungi on a plant

Lesson Activities
Time Teacher's Activities Student's Activities
20min go over the characteristics of students take down
fungi, and explain experiment notes, and ask ?

20min observe the students build thier build thier chambers,
chambers, and plant their plants plant their plants, and
infect seed with fungi