Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#1719. The Food Guide Pyramid

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Apr 25 10:13:14 PDT 2000 by Ron Spiering (
IUP, Indiana PA USA
Materials Required: Computer with Internet access, blank Food Guide Pyramid work sheet
Activity Time: 45 minutes


Following a computer assisted lesson on the Food Guide Pyramid, grade four students will be able to
write out a one day menu including all of the proper foods and amount of servings with 100% accuracy.

More specifically: The students will be able to...

1. label a blank Food Guide Pyramid with the correct food groups and servings of each
2. group different foods in the correct food group

Class activity:

Introduction and Motivation

1.The teacher will ask the students to take a minute and think about what they had for breakfast and
lunch that day.

2. The teacher will then have a few of the students tell him what they had to eat that day at breakfast
and lunch.

3. The teacher will then inform the students that there are five food groups and certain amount of
servings of each that people should eat everyday to stay healthy.

Lesson Body

1. The teacher will hand out a worksheet with a blank Food Guide Pyramid on it and a web site for the
students to go to in order to get the information to fill it out.

2. The teacher will then have the students refer to notes about the Food Guide Pyramid put on the
computer by the teacher. The students will use these notes to further their understanding of the Food
Guide Pyramid.

3. After filling in the blank Food Guide Pyramid, the students will visit the Internet sites listed on the
bottom of the notes page to practice applying what they have learned about the Food Guide Pyramid.


The teacher will briefly go over the Food Guide Pyramid to make sure all of the students have it filled in
correctly. The teacher will also answer any questions the students may have.


The following day students will be required to use their knowledge of the Food Guide Pyramid to create a
one day healthy menu fulfilling all of the daily amounts of each of the five food groups according to the
Food Guide Pyramid. The teacher will collect these menus and grade them for accuracy.