Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#172. Lines and Angles

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jun 2 10:51:03 PDT 1999 by Charity Begley (
Temple University, Philadelphia, USA
Materials Required: Twizzlers Candy, pipe cleaners, paper, pencils, protractors
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Geometry

1.) To begin the lesson, the class should discuss what a line is. The class should understand that a line goes on forever in two directions.
2.) The class can determine what parallel lines are. They can be given two Twizzler licorice strips and be allowed to demonstrate what parallel lines look like. Their samples should not intersect.
3.) The class can next discuss what perpendicular lines are. They can demonstrate with their candy. Make sure the student samples intersect to create right angles.
4.) Halfway through the lesson, introduce the concept of angles as two rays that join together at a vertex. Pass out three pipe cleaners to each of the students.
5.) The students can manipulate the pipe cleaners to make different angles after they are introduced by the teacher. The acute angle should be smaller than a right angle, and an obtuse must be larger than a right angle. The students will enjoy manipulating the pipe cleaners as they develop greater spatial sense with this lesson.
6.) As a review to the lesson, the teacher can ask the students the following questions:
*Does a line have a beginning or end.
*how do we describe line segments?
*Can someone show me an example of parallel lines?
*What are perpendicular lines?
*Name three kinds of angles.