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#1724. debits and credits

other, level: Senior
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IUP, Indiana, Pa. USA
Materials Required: powerpoint, worksheets
Activity Time: 45 min.
Concepts Taught: ACCOUNTING

Sample Lesson Plan

Class: Accounting I for Juniors and Seniors, Period 4, September 24
(45 minute class)

Topic: Debits and Credits

Rationale Learner Analysis Objectives Lesson Activities Lesson Notes


Students, who plan to further their education in college, will need to know some information from their high school classes. The topic of debits and credits is an essential building block in learning accounting. This is the reason this lesson is taught early in the term and why it is taught very critically. Students, who show the inability to determine debits and credits, will fail to understand further processes in accounting.


Following a lecture, a brief powerpoint presentation, and a class worksheet on different accounts and transactions, the juniors and seniors in the accounting class will be able to break down different transactions, state the proper accounts being used, classify them, and list them as either debits or credits with 90% accuracy.

Students will be able to:

1) determine the different accounts being used during a transaction
2) classify each of the accounts (i.e. asset, liability, owner's equity)
3) place each account in the proper debit or credit side
4) determine proper balances of accounts through use of "T" accounts

Lesson Activities:

10 min Welcome the class and interact with their new thoughts

15 min Begin lecture. (Student should already be somewhat familiar with the different accounts
and how they apply.) Discuss the reasoning for debits and credits. Tell and show the
class about "T" accounts. Talk about different transactions and go more in depth through
the use of Powerpoint or other means of projection.

5 min Discuss any questions that the students may have about the lecture or powerpoint

15 min For the remainder of the period, a worksheet will be passed out to the class. This
worksheet will involve different accounts where they must be classified as assets,
liabilities, etc. The next section will ask for the appropriate designation of a debit or a