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Subject: Science

#1732. Animals of the Rainforest

Science, level: all
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I.U.P, indiana
Concepts Taught: Animals of the rainforest

SampleLesson Plan


Rational Learners Objectives Lesson Activities NOTES


The purpose of this lesson is to educate children about the different animals in the Rainforest. The children will be given an introduction to the lesson a day in advance, this introduction will include a 20 minute video allowing students to have baseline information for the topics. Students already have learned about animals in different Biomes, this will allow
students to be more comfortable with activities planned for this lesson because of the experice they aready have had.


Terminal Performance Objectives

1. TPO Students will be able to identify differnt animals in the rainforest.

2. TPO Students will be able to recognize the differnt sounds of the

3. TPO Students will be able identify which animals belong in which layer of the rainforest.

Enabling Objectives

1. EO Students will identify the different animals of the rainforest through worksheets which will be done in groups.

2. EO Students will listen to pre-recorded sounds of the rainforest and will identify which animal the sound belongs to.

3. EO Students will each be assigned an animal, student will drawl the animal and place it on the hallway display in the
layer they believe the animal lives in.