Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1733. The Recent Explosion of Latino Music in America

Language, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Video Cassete player
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Being aware of other cultures and identifing instruments.

Rationale: This lesson will introduce some of the current Latino singers who are popular right now. The students will listen for instruments heard in these songs and then later learn the Spanish names for the same instruments. In addition to this lesson, students will learn to salsa dance in gym class and write music reviews of Latino songs in English class.

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the introductory lesson on the Latino music, grade four learners will be able to list learned Latino singers and label instruments in Spanish with 100% accuracy.

More specifically, the learners will be able to:

*identify singers when shown pictures.
*list instruments found in Latino song.
*label instruments in Spanish.
*name the country each singer is from.

Lesson Activities

Time Teacher's Activities Learners' Activities
10 min Watch a video of various Latino singers performing different songs: Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony. Learners list all of the singers seen on paper.
3 min Teacher asks students who they saw in the video. Learners respond with names above, teacher prompts if necessary.
3 min Teacher shows students where each artist is from, Ricky Martin/Puerto Rico, Carlos Santana/Mexico, Jennifer Lopez/Puerto Rico, and Marc Anthony/Mexico. Individuals record data in notebooks.
10 min Teacher plays various Latino songs sung by the artists above. Following each song, teacher asks class to identify some of the instruments played in the song. Individuals attempt to name instruments heard and tell why they chose it.
10 min Teachers tapes pictures of the correct instruments on the board and gives the students the Spanish equivalent: guitarra, saxofon, trompeta, tambor, conga, bongos, piano and banjo. Learners record the new Spanish words.

3 min Teacher reviews the words by holding up a picture and giving them a choice between two words. Ex. Es una trompeta o piano? Learners will choose correct answer.
5 min Teacher gives the class a worksheet with pictures of the singers and instruments. There will also be a blank for the students to fill in the appropriate countries along with the singers. Learners receive their work sheets and will bring in something related to Latino music as homework for next class. They may ask questions for clarification.
1 min Dismiss Class. Dismissed.


1. Each learner will return a completed work sheet with all spaces correctly filled in.