Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1741. Where are you from?

Language, level: Middle
Posted Thu Apr 27 23:18:44 PDT 2000 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama Board of Education, Japan
Materials Required: country cards, flash cards, world map
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: countries, simple questions

1. The students will be able to name 10 countries in the target language.
2. The students will ask and answer the question gWhere are you from?h

1. Before class, photocopy business card size copies of 10 or so different countriesf flags. You want the copies to be small so that the students can easily put them in their pockets. Also, you want to use the flags of the countries for two reasons. This forces the students to remember the names of the countries and also makes the students aware of other countriesf flags. You need to make enough copies so that each student will receive one flag. If you have thirty students, you need to find about 10 flags and make three copies of them each. If you have forty students, you need to find about 10 flags and make 4 copies of them each. This way, each student has at least one partner to look for. Also, make one larger copy of each countryfsf flag.
2. Using a world map, point out about 10 countries and have the students repeat the names of the countries in the target language. Have the student repeat the names of the countries one or two times.
3. Then, using a pointer, point to a country and have the students call out the name of the country. Do this for each country.
4. Next, use the large copies of the flags as flashcards. Have the students call out the correct name of the country that correlates to the flag you are showing.
5. Next, mix up the small flag cards and hand out the cards to the students. -One per student.
6. Tell the students that they are now citizens from the country whose flag they are holding. Tell them to remember which country they are from and then to put the card in their pockets. For the remainder of the game, they are not to take out the cards. This prevents the students from just showing each other the flags and finding each other quickly that way.
7. Now, have the students stand up and go around asking each other questions. For example, gAre you from Japan?h or g Where are you from?h Remind them to use only the target language.
8. The goal is to find the others who are from the same country as you are. Depending on how many of each card you make, the students may be looking for only one other person or several other people. I usually use groups of four. Once all four people have found their fellow countrymen, have them come to you as a group and pull out the cards from their pockets. Are they all the same?
9. Once a group has finished, write the name of the country on the board(-in the order that they finished). Afterwards, you can congratulate a team and use the opportunity to ask who is from such and such a country.