Grade: Elementary

#1742. Creating a Spring Book

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 28 12:08:04 PDT 2000 by Joseph J. Bires (
Materials Required: Kids Pix program
Activity Time: 1 hour or less
Concepts Taught: Language Arts, Technology

The students will create a picture of what Spring is to them.

Teacher - How many people like to go outside, now that it is warm? Discuss things you see outside in the Spring.
Create a concept map on the board or use a program like Inspiration to create a concept map. Take the theme of "Sights of Spring" as the main idea.
Have students list and teacher records the sights of Spring

Review and post the map for students to see.
Have the students use the program Kids Pix to write a sentence about one of the ideas that is posted (one of the sights of Spring) Help students as needed.
You may want to begin them with the starter sentence
"In the Spring, I see..."
They then create the sentence and create a picture to go with it.
Then they print each picture on a color copier.
Select a student or students who finish early to make the cover.
Teacher creates a foreword page about the book.
Bind book together and "publish" it.
What have we learned?
Responds include what they learned about Spring