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Subject: Language

#1744. Who is the Criminal?

Language, level: all
Posted Sun Apr 30 03:23:15 PDT 2000 by Jin-shan Chen (
Chih Lee College of Business, Taipei, Taiwan
Materials Required: A paper-made police badge
Activity Time: It depends on the class size
Concepts Taught: Identify the function of restrictive relative clauses

Teaching Grammar in an Inductive Way
Jin-shan Chen
Chih Lee College of Business (Taipei, Taiwan)

Activity: Who is the Criminal
Student Level: Intermediate

Grammar Focus: Restrictive relative clauses
Aim: Identify the function of the restrictive relative clauses

1. Background knowledge:
Now FBI is looking for a criminal. And it is said that the criminal is in the classroom. Students may know who the criminal is. Please help the FBI officer to find him/her.
2. Have students sit as a circle, so they can see one another.
3. Have one volunteer student stand in the center of the circle as the FBI detective holding a paper-made police badge.
4. The teacher demonstrates the description of the criminal (one of the students) by using a sentence like The criminal is the person who dresses in red.
5. Once getting the information, the FBI detective goes to the student who dresses in red and catches him/her. And then they change the roles. The person who dresses in red becomes the FBI detective. And the prior FBI detective provides the information of the criminal again by using a sentence like The criminal is the person who is the tallest in the room.
6. The game continues until most students have been aware of the function of restrictive relative clauses.
7. The teacher asks students what they found about restrictive relative clauses.
8. Opening discussion and write all the discussions on the board.