Grade: all

#1745. Character Development and Dialogue

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Tue May 2 07:18:10 PDT 2000 by Michael (
Materials Required: Portraits from the Internet
Activity Time: 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Character Development

My ideas for character development is similar to those in "Creative Character Development", but take the project a step further. I begin with pictures of everyday, interesting people that I find on the internet. The same picture may be used more than once. Each student is given two pictures and must write a biography for each, including in each the person's name, age, background, occupation, and any other biographical info. they wish to include, as well as a description of what the person was doing and feeling at the time the picture was taken. Students begin in class, but may continue working at home.

During the next class, students will then take the two characters they have created and establish a dialogue between them. In order to keep the conversations from become mundane or absurd, I pick certain topics which the characters should discuss (love, politics,etc.). Students must devise the scenario that brings the two characters together and then initiate and follow their conversation to the end.

You will be surprised at how creative the students become, and the students enjoy comparing stories and bios. It provides a good lesson on perceptions when comparing two completely different bios. on the same picture.