Grade: all

#1749. The Oprah Jr. Show

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Thu May 4 07:53:36 PDT 2000 by Brenda Contreras (
El Jardin, Brownsville, USA
Materials Required: Any Story
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Comprehension, speaking

This lesson consists of reading a story.
Day 1: This can be done individually, as a small group, or class read aloud.
Day 2: Teacher and students will do a very short review about the story. Ask students to name the characters of the story, while doing this start lining chairs in the front of the room per character. Pick a student to represent each of the characters in the story. You will also need to select a student to act out the part of the host of the show. Students not selected as characters will be the audience. The audience including the host of the show will ask questions about the story. The students in the front of the room will answer as if they were the actual characters.
Teacher is supervising and checking for comprehension and also for questioning techiniques. Higher Order Thinking questions should be utilized from the audience.