Grade: Senior

#1757. iowa census project

Social Studies, level: Senior
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Nashua-Plainfield High School, Nashua,Iowa
Materials Required: computer/internet
Activity Time: two weeks
Concepts Taught: Census data

Task: The state of Iowa is appropriating 340 million dollars for local developmental projects. The students will research and evaluate Iowa counties recent census data. The students will then develop a plan that would either reverse the negative trends or increase the positive trends that they find in their selected counties. The students will present their plan to fellow classmate through a chosen medium which could be in the form of a Hyperstudio presentation, drawing or a scaled model. Technology will be utilized to research, analyze and market the students selected projects.

Roles: The students will be an explorer, analyzer, producer and marketer of their projects. The teacher will be facilitator, guide and co-learner in this project.

Each group will create a portfolio that included the following information.
1. completed data analysis sheet on selected county. Use of, and websites to complete assignments.
2. a short paper which outlines the county data highlighting the strengths and weakness. The students will discuss their plans to enhance the future of their county which will include at least one graph.
3. The student will have one visual to demonstrate their product to their fellow classmates. This may be in the form of a hyperstudio, drawing, model or another pre-approved medium.

Assessment: student created rubric
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standard: The students will understand natural resources and economic principles.
benchmark: The students will give and explain examples of ways that economic systems structure choices about how goods and services are to be produced,distributed and marketed.

The purpose of this activity is to engage students in a hands on learning experience where they will discover Iowa's strengths, weaknesses and potentials for development. The students will be an explorer, analyzer, producer and marketer of their projects. The class setting will promote generative Instructional strategies by allowing the learners to explore, analyze and problem solve. The students will learn collaboratively with respect to varying perspectives and diversity. Assessment will be by student generated rubrics with respect to the standards and benchmarks set forth by the district.