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#1759. How Foods Bonds Our Diverse Background

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Foods II
How Food Bonds Our Diverse Background
Deb Gerholdt
May 6, 2000

At the end of this unit, students will have a better understanding of how food choices reflect our cultural background. They will reduce a recipe to the correct serving size.

Food is a part of everyone lives. Children love to cook. Many of the food items we eat reflect our cultural background or nationality. We can explore our culture by exploring where some of our family recipes come from.
When we cook, we use fractions, measurements, chemical reactions, follow directions, and many other concepts. Why not incorporate these skills into a diverse activity in which we learn something about our culture and ourselves.

Food lab
Computer lab with Internet access
Recipe card worksheet
Grocery list worksheet
Food demonstration table
Digital camera
Color printer
Cover stock paper, 65#

Instructional Procedures
1. Internet search

Introduce the students to the Internet in the computer lab. Provided are the web sites which can be bookmarked to access recipes. Once they find the recipe they want to demonstrate, print it out.

2. Recipe card worksheet

When they have found the recipe they want to use, have them fill out the Recipe Card Worksheet. They will have to decrease the recipe to 2 servings. This worksheet is attached.

3. Grocery List for Lab

When all the students have their recipe and the correct amount of servings, they will need to make grocery list for lab. They can fill out the grocery order for each of the labs. This worksheet is attached.

4. Assign Duties for Lab

Have students assign lab duties for lab work. They will be making 4 different recipes over a 3 day period. They will need to decide which recipes to make together and what are the duties of each student. This worksheet is attached.

5. Lab time

Students will prepare the recipe. This will take 3 days. Once a recipe is completed, they will present it to the class with a short explanation of the culture or nationality they choose, where they found the recipe on the Internet and if there is any specialty spice or food item in their final recipe. They will also present their recipe The presentation will be graded with the attached Presentation Rubric.

6. Digital Camera

During their presentation, you can take a picture of the student with the food in front of them or just a picture of the food.

7. Presentation of Recipe Card

Example is attached. Have the students create a recipe card as a gift or as part of a portfolio. They will need to have some basic knowledge on using computer photo shop programs.

Recipe Card Worksheet

Date: _______________________________________

For this worksheet, you will need to take the recipe you found on the Internet and reduce it to two servings. Please fill out all parts of the worksheet to show the work you have done. When you have a listing of correct measurements for your recipe, transfer the information to the recipe card on the bottom of this sheet.

Original Recipe Ingredients Reduced Recipe -- 2 servings

Example example
4 eggs____________________ 2 eggs_________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________

_________________________ ______________________________




Grocery Order For Foods Lab

Attach recipe to grocery order
Ingredients -- list in categories

Meats Grains
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Dairy
Canned Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Food

Lab Duties
Lab group #____
Recipe Name:_________________________________________

Names Duties

Measure out recipe
Combine ingredients
Cook or chill recipe
Present recipe for evaluation
Clean-up of dishes
Clean-up of lab counters and surfaces
Check to make sure equipment
stored correctly

Evaluation : How well did the lab go? What was good about the lab and what needs improvement?

Presentation Rubric for Foods II -- Regional Foods Unit

Excellent Good Moderate Poor
10 points 7 points 4 points 0 points
Recipe Preparation Recipe was prepared according to directions, Recipe was prepared Recipe was altered, left out ingredients or added extra Directions were not followed when preparing the recipe, product was inedible
Appearance of finished product Uniform color, good aroma, pleasing, edible, good structure Color was good, aroma was pleasing, cooked to correct doneness Lacked color and aroma, but still edible Burnt or undercooked, did not follow cooking instructions, unable to tell what it is
Preparation Difficulty Very difficult to prepare Somewhat difficult to prepare Easy to prepare Could prepare it in your sleep
1. nationality
2. web site
3. specialty item or food Prepared for presentation, answered all 3 questions, had resources available Answered questions but with little preparation Sloppy presentation but tried to answer questions Did not answer questions