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Subject: other

#1760. Pen & Pencil Set

other, level: Senior
Posted Tue May 9 17:22:18 PDT 2000 by Jack Oswald (
West High School, Waterloo, Iowa
Materials Required: CNC, Computers, Materials
Activity Time: 2-3 weeks
Concepts Taught: CNC Programs and Application

Lesson Plan

Project: Pen and Pencil Set

Class: Woods and Metals Classes Grades 9-12

Resources Needed:

MasterCam stations
one for pen and pencil production
one for holder or case production
CNC machines
Lathe and mandrel for pen and pencil project
Mill or router for holder or case project
Pen and Pencil kits
Wood for blanks to make pen and pencils and the holders/case
Various saws and machines to prepare blanks for production
Finishing materials to complete projects
Tutorials to acquaint students with CNC production

Classroom Arrangement:

Two modules with two students per module.
One module consists of one computer, one CNC lathe machine, and the MasterCam program.
One module consists of one computer, one CNC mill and the MasterCam program.

Lesson Plan Duration:

Seven to ten class periods
Lesson Design

Anticipatory Set:

You need a quick gift for Christmas, a birthday, a special occasion and you do not have much money. You would like an expensive looking and practical gift. It would be even better if you made it yourself. You want each gift to be different or a one-of-a-kind present. What better way to do this and get a project grade at the same time.

Objectives and Purpose:

Students working in pairs will

Utilize a tutorial to produce a pen and pencil set on the CNC lathe and a holder/case on the CNC mill/router.
Produce a prototype design.
Choose materials and cut and shape to suit the desired project.
Adapt the knowledge obtained from the tutorial to create a new program for the CNC machines.

Students will utilize math, problem solving and spatial relationships to design a project that is both useful and attractive.


Student pairs will read and apply the instructions given in the tutorial for the specific machine and computer.
They will produce the blanks or wooden parts they need to complete the prototype from the tutorial.
The pen and pencil set of each student will be displayed in a holder or case for grading purposes.
Student will design and write the program for the pen and pencil set they will produce for the gift project using the knowledge obtained by reading the material and through problem solving while producing the prototype set.
Finished pen and pencil sets will be used to show the design range and handling characteristics of the various shapes produced by other students. Students will need to know what each design feels like when they use them to write.

Check for Understanding:

Student pairs will be required to demonstrate knowledge of machine operations and safety concerns while using the CNCs. Student pairs that have completed the project will help the new pairs to achieve success.

Guided Practice:

This will be accomplished with the tutorial and the peer teaching.

Independent Practice:

Students will produce a prototype pen and pencil set and individual sets for each person in the group/pair.


Evaluation of pen and pencil set displayed in the case holder will be in design, finish and originality. Project difficulty will also be considered.