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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1762. Introducing Me (with scanned photo)

other, level: Middle
Posted Tue May 9 17:34:26 PDT 2000 by Michele E. Collison (
Logan Middle School, Waterloo, Iowa USA
Materials Required: programs: ClarisWorks, Scanner(Astra or other), Photoshop Deluxe
Activity Time: One 50 minute period, two 15 minute periods
Concepts Taught: Tech Ed.

Lesson Plan - Introducing Me
by Michele Collison

LEVEL: This plan is for students in grades 6-8.

TIME REQUIRED: 3 sessions.

The design of the page could take a whole class period or more. The scanning of a photo, editing and saving could range from 10-15 minutes per student with teacher supervision required. The retrieval, insert of the photo and placement in document should also take about 10-15 minutes.


Designing an attractive page about themselves to share with others
Using drawing tools
Experimenting with colored text
Using scanner software and following step by step instructions
Using photo editing software for cropping, resizing and sharpening
Inserting a scanned photo to a drawing document
Presenting information about themselves and tools they used to prepare their page


AppleWorks or ClarisWorks (drawing document)
Scanner such as Umax Astra with Vista Scan 3.1
Photoshop Deluxe (photo editing software)


1. Teacher should demonstrate the process for background and text boxes following steps below and show students a finished page(model).
2. Students should then open a drawing document and reduce the size of the page to 50 % or 67% so all of the page is visible.
3. Choose a fill gradient or color and using the rectangle tool to draw a box as large as the page for background.
4. Choose the text tool and draw a box for the introduction:
Hi! I'm _________________(student writes their name in the blank after choosing a font color that shows up well against their chosen background.)
5. Students need to leave room for a picture below this.
6. Using the text tool a second time, they should draw a text box about mid page for "Family info" or "Interesting facts about me". Type the information.
7. Near the bottom of the page, students should add a third text box entitled favorite activities. Students fill in the sentence "I like _____, _____ and______ using three -ing words.
8. Save and close the document until picture is scanned.

Introducing Me continued page 2

SESSION 2 (A guided activity for teacher/student)

1. Turn on scanner and insert student photo face down and centered at top hinge.
2. Open Photoshop Deluxe and choose the Start Here page selecting On Your Own.
3. Choose Get photo menu; then, Scan Photo menu.
4. A dialogue box will open; select the UMax Vista Scanner or the name of the scanner installed to your computer. Hereafter you'll be in the Vista Scan program.
5. Press Beginner. Click the Preview button.
6. A crossbar will appear so the photo can be cropped. Draw a box around the part of the picture you wish to use. Click "o.k."
7. After cropping, click Color Photo ( the other options are Scan Printed Matter or Scan line art)
8. The scanner will send the picture into the Photoshop Deluxe program.
9. Use the orientation tool if the photo came in upside down or sideways.
10. Under the Size menu, adjust large photos to 50 % before exporting or the picture will come in huge.
11. Under Quality menu choose Instant fix. If you like the change, keep it. If not, Undo.
12. After editing, go to File menu and Export. Choose to File formats.
13. A dialogue box will appear; designate where you want the photo to be saved. Choose the desktop or a folder with the student's name. Title the photo: Joey-Pic # 1.
14. Select the Format pull down menu and choose JPEG. Click save.


1. Open student drawing page and change the view to 50% or 67%.
2. In AppleWorks, open File menu and select Insert.
3. A dialogue window will appear. Select the desktop or hardrive - wherever the student's picture is stored. Click on the student's stored picture so it appears at the top of the window.
4. Click the Show Preview button. The photo they will be inserting will appear on the left.
5. Click Insert ( the picture will go to the Introducing Me page).
6. Students may resize the document to fit their open space.

Check the AppleWorksapplication for memory ahead of time. Expand the minimum and preferred memory to about 9000 each. Importing photos requires lots of memory in AppleWorks and this adjustment could help prevent memory messages and unexpected quits.

Introducing Me continued page 3


Possible production criteria and presentation criteria appear below.

Created a background for his text using color fill tool
Designed an informational drawing document page with three distinct parts
Background and text were compatible choices (easy to read)
Written parts of the page included correct spelling, capitalization and end mark usage
Followed step by step scanning instructions (independently or with help)
Included a single photo of himself/herself which had been scanned into computer
Shared his/her page with classmates explaining which tools he used


Take the individual pages and show students how to make a slide show with them. This could be run for parent-teacher conferences or a school open house.
This lesson is meant to be a first lesson in presenting information. The subject is themselves, but the subject could be a mini report on any single topic such as one endangered species, its habitat and the reason it is at risk. Likewise, a picture could be scanned from a print source or copied and pasted from electronic encyclopedias or Internet sites to enhance the learning and improve the presentation of the information.