Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#1769. Rome

History, level: Middle
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New London High School, New London, Connecticut
Materials Required: School and education
Activity Time: 8:00 a.m until 12:00 p.m
Concepts Taught: Good reading and literature skills

Directions: Read through the following questions and then go to the Website listed in blue. Use the information you find there to answer the questions about Ancient Roman Life. Use complete sentences and make your answers as in-depth as possible. You need to save your work on your J Drive, so that you can complete this Web quest on the second day that we come to the computer room. It is due by the end of the 2nd block. You must print out the answers and submit them to Mr. Landow!

Credit (20 Questions x 5 pt. each = 100 pt.)

(Do not cut & Paste! It will not be accepted if you do!)

1. Who could apply to become a citizen in Rome?
In that time, to become a Roman citizen, you could apply, but you weren't always excepted.

2. How were the Ancient Romans different from the Ancient Greeks?
The ancient Romans and the Greeks were different because the Romans were down to Earth realists. The Greeks weren't as down to Earth as the Romans were. The Greeks most cared about the more perfect people; they only made statues of perfect people.

3. What was the city of Rome like two thousand years ago? Describe life in the city!
Two thousand years ago, Rome was a very busy place. They always had something to do. It was known to be a noisy, smoky, dusty city with beautiful monuments and buildings. The rich people had gracious beautiful houses. They had entrance atriums, they were the center of family lives. People who weren't so rich, were less fortunate. They had apartments they were said to be quite nice. Poor people had shabby tenements. Not everyone was so lucky.

4. Describe the difference between what the Plebeians ate and what the Patricians ate.
The Plebeians were the low class people, if they were lucky they ate bread dipped in wine or dry. They had water for a drink. Sometimes they even had olives, cheese, and raisins, were sprinkled on the bread.

The Patricians were very lucky to sit down to fish, fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, bread or used honey to sweeten foods. Sugar wasn't known at the time. They were very fortunate to have these things. The slaves cooked and cleaned for them, they had to cut their meat for them. They didn't use forks or knives to eat with. They used their hands.

5. What type of clothing did the Romans originally wear and how did it change and why?

6. Describe the way Roman women acted and dressed etc.

7. Tell me about Roman boys. When did they become citizens and how was this celebrated?

8. What was a Bulla? Explain!

9. What was the Forum and what took place there?

10. Tell me about school and education for Roman boys and girls?

11. What were Roman baths like? Who used them and what took place there?

12. Compare and contrast homes for Roman Plebeians and Patricians.

13. Write a summary describing the average dinner time meal for Plebeians and Patricians.

14. What were the major forms of entertainment in Rome? Explain.

15. Describe the average Roman family.

16. Summarize the Roman wedding.

17. What were Roman buildings like?

18. What do you know about Roman roads?