Grade: Middle
Subject: Geography

#1776. dairy farming in new zealand

Geography, level: Middle
Posted Wed May 24 23:46:23 PDT 2000 by katie mccully (
uretiti district primary school, whitianga. NZ
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: identifying renewable resources through farming systems!

Key ideas

*a system is a set of natural and cultural activities which interact to form a whole.
*the imputs, throughputs and outputs of energy, material and ideas, through a system make it dynamic.

Teach the children by use of a diagram that every outcome has a process

inputs - throughputs - outputs- feedback
| | |
| losses |

get the children to draw up these diagrams about common activities,
farming, a toilet etc

You can then explain
Inputs - elements brought into an activity that enable it to happen!
THroughputs - processes
Outputs - result of the activity
Losses - elements that move out of the system that dont return.
FEedback - outputs that return to the system!