Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#1777. Caps for sale

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu May 25 19:16:06 PDT 2000 by Tidge Grimm (
United Preschool, Indiana
Materials Required: Caps for Sale(book), paper cup trees, cardboard monkeys, spinner
Concepts Taught: positional words - up, down, left, right

Objective: Given the materials, the children will explore transitional words by matching the words and the monkey's position on the paper cup tree.

Lesson Body:
PreReading activity: Activate background knowledge of peddlers and other salespeople, wares, and monkeys.

During Reading: Let the children play with the monkeys and try to match the positional words to the monkey's actions.

After reading: Individually have the children spin the spinner. Read the word on the spinner. Let every child place its monkey appropriatly on the paper cup tree.

Evaluation: Observe each child as they play the game. The objective is met if every child can place the monkeys on the tree correctly.