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#1778. Using candy bars to create a 'thank you' message

, level: all
Posted Sat May 27 12:23:19 PDT 2000 by Alan Smithee ().
Materials Required: See lesson


We want to thank you for all you do for us. You do GOOD AND PLENTY around here. You help us by giving us MOUNDS of homework so that we can SKOR well on all of our tests. We know that the lessons you have taught us will help us both NOW AND LATER in life. Sometimes you are a HOT TAMALE and other times a BIG RED but we know that you love us to (REESE'S)PIECES and that you would do anything for us even though we act NUTRAGEOUS at times. We wish we could give you a 100 GRAND on PAYDAY but you will have to settle for HUGS and KISSES and a SYMPHONY of voices saying thank you.


1. WHOPPERS - for the best story telling.
2. MILKY WAY - for the class daydreamer.
3. MR. GOODBAR - for the student who exhibits good qualities of friendship.
4. JOLLY RANCHER - for the person always telling jokes.
5. NESTLE CRUNCH - an alternative for pencil chewing.
6. SKOR - for athletes in the class.
7. DOVE - the class peacemaker.
8. SYMPHONY - for anyone musical.
9. BUTTERFINGER - for the person who broke the most things.
10. BIT-O-HONEY - for someone very sweet
11. BABY RUTH - for baseball-minded student.
12. TEDDY GRAHAMS - for the most huggable.
13. ALMOND JOY - for the person who is always happy.
14. HERSHEYS KISSES - for the class flirt.
15. PAYDAY - for someone who always forgets his lunch money
16. LIFESAVERS - for the person who is always helping someone in need.
17. LAFFY TAFFY - for someone who is always laughing.
18. SWEET-TARTS - for a sweet girl or boy
19. GUMMY BEARS - for a very lovable child.
20. SPREE - for someone who loves to shop.
21. KIT KAT - for the student always at the teacher's side.
22. NUTRAGEOUS - for the wild and crazy person in class.
23. OUCH BUBBLE GUM - for the one who got hurt the most.
24. THREE MUSKETEERS - for the one always with the group.
25. SNICKERS - for the class giggler.