Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#1786. Disease Wanted Posters/Research

Science, level: Senior
Posted Thu Jun 1 12:20:11 PDT 2000 by Bethany Ostler (
Warner Robins High, Warner Robins, GA
Materials Required: library access, internet access
Activity Time: 2-3, 50 minute class periods
Concepts Taught: Disease-causing organisms

Students will research a disease caused by either a bacterium, virus, protist or fungus. (I have a list of 30 different diseases and I have each student draw one name and record it on a sheet of paper. This ensures that no two students are researching the same disease.)

Students will spend one day in the library researching the disease. Students should find the following information on the disease: type of organism that causes the disease, picture and scientific name of organism that causes the disease, (i.e. Chickenpox is caused by the Varicella sp. virus) location where disease is thought to have been discovered, body system(s) effected by disease, treatment for the disease, possible cure for the disease, age group most effected, sex most effected, etc. (The demographics of the disease is not always determined. Also, the scientific name is difficult to find without sufficient research. I usually have to remind my students that it is a research project and they might have to use several sources to find the information)

Students create a wanted poster of their disease-causing organism. (I encourage creativity for the posters). After the posters are complete, post the wanted posters around the room. Have students compile a chart comparing and contrasting diseases caused by different organisms (protist, virus, bacteria and fungus.)