Grade: Middle

#1787. Acquired Island Project

Social Studies, level: Middle
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Roosevelt Middle, Port Angeles, U.S.A.
Materials Required: intro to creating a government (USA), posterboard, markers/colored pencils, copies of lesson plan
Activity Time: 3-6 class periods
Concepts Taught: Organization, geography, art, group dynamics, etc.


You and your group have just received an island of your very own to govern. The United States has sent out you and your group to set up a government on a deserted island that the U.S. has decided to buy. There is no hope of being transferred to another place for many years. Your job is to map out the unchartered island, including how you intend to survive. There are no previous settlers on the island. You must also decide how you will govern yourselves; including what rules you will follow to live peacefully among your group.
**Details of the Assignment follow:

1)Design a map of your deserted island. It must include the following:

a.a title
b.location: directional arrows, climate conditions, latitude/
longitude coordinates
c.places: human characteristics, physical characteristics

e.scale (ex. 1 in. = 50 miles)
f.color: neatness and completeness are very important
g.use posterboard (large size)

2)Each group member must make a journal with seven 1/2 page entries to be handed in with the project, describing what the island looks like and what life is like living on the island with the other group members. There should be no spelling, grammatical, or other mechanical errors. These are designed to be seven different days (they shouldn't be consecutive days, however). These should be stapled and handed in upon completion of the oral presentation.

3)As a group, make a list of all the rules (laws) that you think will be necessary to successfully operate your new community. This list must be neat, legible, and turned in with your finished project.

4)Refine your law list to the five most important rules/laws. Explain why you chose each of these rules. Be very specific. This list and explanation must also be turned in with the finished product.

5)Oral presentation: Each member must participate in the oral presentation. Display and explain your map, how geographical features affected your lives, what laws you made and why, how you enforced them, the punishments for breaking the laws, and each member must share at least one of his or her journal entries.

GROUP MEMBERS:______________________________





Map:title________/5 pts.

location (lat./long.)________/15 pts.

physical features________/20 pts.

human features________/10 pts.

key________/15 pts.

scale________/10 pts.

color/neatness/details________/30 pts.

Journal for each member:________/40 pts.

(Each member's journal will be graded individually
as well as contributing to the group grade)

List of Rules:________/10 pts.

5 Most Important Rules and explanation for why________/50 pts.
these were chosen as most important.

Visitor's Pamphlet________/20 pts.

Oral Presentation:________/20 pts.
*Everyone participating
*Content: explain map/what it shows
climate (how does that
affect your clothing,
shelter, food,etc.)
What rules you selected
which 5 were the most
important and WHY
what experiences did you
have trying to decide
and agree upon the
"5" ________/30 pts.



In your journal entry, include information about what the island is
like...describe the island, including

the island's climate
physical features
foods available
what does it take to gather the food?
clothing (because yours will wear out)
what will you do for shelter and warmth/or shelter from the sun?
how do you get along with others?
what do you do to pass the time?
if there is a disagreement, how is it settled, etc.
punishment for breaking rules/laws

*CONTENT, including all of the above________/25

*SEVEN ENTRIES________/35





GRADE: _______