Grade: Elementary

#1793. Favorite Poems Unit

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Kingsley Elementary, Kingsport, TN USA
Materials Required: Computers with Internet access and printer, construction paper, hole punch, yarn, paste, crayons or
Activity Time: 5 hours
Concepts Taught: Students will utilize the Internet to find poetry and interpret poetry using art. The students will

Overview: Students find poetry of different types on the Internet and create a poetry booklet. The students will write one poem to be included in the booklet.

Learner Outcomes: After this lesson the students will:
1. Be familiar with several children's poems
2. Develop internet skills in order to find poetry
3. Understand rhythmic elements of poetry
4. Better express themselves through art and poetry

Lesson 1: The teacher will introduce the poetry unit by reading a favorite poem and showing a small poetry book, either homemade or published.
The teacher should inform the children that they will be making their own "Favorite Poetry" book using poetry from the Internet. Each child will find a poem of each of these types: a funny poem, a poem from another country, a poem about an animal, a poem about a person or people, a Haiku, and an original poem.
Read examples using the following web sites for examples.

Lesson 2: The students will access the web sites mentioned in Lesson 1, select a poem of each type and print the poems. Each student should read aloud one of the poems he or she chose.

Lesson 3: The students will make booklets from 3 sheets of construction paper folded in half with holes punched for fastening with yarn. The students should then cut out the poems they have chosen and place them on pages 5,7,9, and 11. The student should illustrate each poem on the facing page.

Lesson 4: The students should access the site: which instructs the students on how to construct poems. Children should write a poem of their own.
Students should write their poem on page 3 of their booklet.

Lesson 5: The students will illustrate their own poem, illustrate the cover of their book with "_________'s Poetry Book" or "My Favorite Poems" with their name.