Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

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#180. Growing Up

Science, level: Elementary
Posted by Kathi Jones (
University of Memphis, Memphis, TN
Materials Required: 1 baby picture, 1 current picture, 1 piece of paper, transparent tape, pencil
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Change


ELED 3261
ACTIVITY TIME: 20 minutes
CONCEPT TAUGHT: What changes do you see?

MATERIALS NEEDED: 1 baby picture, 1 recent picture,1 piece of paper, transparent
tape, pencil

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVE - TLW observe and record physical changes they have gone through since they were born.

INSTRUCTION - Instruct the children to bring a baby picture and a newer picture to school. Next have them fold a piece of paper in half and tape one picture on each side. Have them write a book about themselves telling about changes that have
taken place from the baby picture to the current picture.

SUPERVISED PRACTICE: Have the children explain about their books.

CLOSURE - Review about changes as you grow older. Ask questions
1. In what ways are you the same?
2. In what ways are you different?

Answers: 1. Students may say that their hair is still brown. 2. They may also say
that they have more hair or teeth or that they are taller now.