Grade: Middle
Subject: Games

#1803. Cultural Aspects fo Spanish in America

Games, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jun 18 17:22:22 PDT 2000 by Carmen G. Garcia (
SVHS, Smithson Valley, USA
Materials Required: Get samples of food to be discussed and picture,world map
Activity Time: 2 days
Concepts Taught: Familiarize students with ancient origin of certain foods

Objective: Content focus: HIstory,geography, ancient American cultures culinary habits.

Language focus: Vocabulary on food,grammar supplement to the Spanish Textbook.

Preparation: Get samples of the foods to be discussed, world map.

Prepare sequencing activities of events. Prepare open ended questions.

Warm-up: Show students sample of food, and ask them where they think they came from origianly?

Vocabulary: Tomate, Maiz, Aguacate, Guayaba, Pina, Maya, Azteca, Inca and Taino

Grammar: Ir,Dar,Estar on index cards

Reading: After the oral presentation of the foods,distribute a list with the items and their history. Read and identify location on map.

Writing: Have students write simple sentences with the voc. words learned.

Culture: Identify the people who originaly used the foods in America, the importance of the foods in their culture and myths, and some preparation practices.