Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#1806. Shakepeare Project

Literature, level: all
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Allamakee Community Schools, Waukon, IA 52172 USA
Materials Required: Internet, Inspiration
Activity Time: approx. 2+ weeks
Concepts Taught: Shakespeare Research

Using the Internet to Enhance Student Learning: Final Project

Title: Shakespeare Project

Subject Matter Emphasis and Level: English 9

Brief Description of the lesson: Before starting this activity, students will have already read the introduction to Shakespeare in their text, and read Romeo and Juliet. Students will brainstorm using Inspiration on what questions they still have about Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, and the Elizabethan Era. With their partners, students will choose an area to research. They will put together an outline of their project using Inspiration. It will include web sites or resources they used. They must write an Inspiration outline documenting the references they used, write a paper, and deliver a presentation with a visual. Students will respond to each presentation by writing about the implications and influences that Shakespeare has on our world. Photos of the projects will be shown on the using a digital camera. Projects will also be shared through email with other ninth grade classes. Students will reflect on each presentation by writing in their journals the implications and influences that Shakespeare has on our world. Contracts for grades and checklists will be used for a self-assessment.

Why Do This?
The standards addressed in this activity are:
1. Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the writing process.
2. Uses grammatical and mechanical conventions in written compositions.
3. Gathers and uses information for research purposes.
4. Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the reading process.
5. Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies for reading a variety of informational texts.
6. Demonstrates competence in speaking and listening as tools for learning.
The connection to Allamakee Community School District's mission is that this project is an example of students being involved and responsible for their own learning. They also utilize technology in their learning.
This content/topic important to the student because it will connect to their own personal interests. We will be going to the production of Romeo and Juliet, so they will have that connection.

The critical objectives will be taught in this lesson are:
1. Students will have an understanding of the impact William Shakespeare had on literature and language.
2. Students will outline main ideas for their presentation.
3. Students will communicate orally their main ideas.
4. Students will evaluate web sites to use as resources.
5. Students will make connections from the presentations to their world of today.

Students will be selecting their own topic for their Shakespeare project.
This activity will connect with other content areas in: history, geography, physical education, or art depending on the topic the students chooses.

We will make parallels between Romeo and Juliet to other literature such as Titanic, West Side Story, and their Accelerated Reading book. The students will have already read Miracle Worker so they will be familiar with some drama terms. They will have already read an introduction to Shakespeare in their text, gone through an Internet study guide in the Brittanica Encyclopedia over Shakespeare ( Because they will be researching something they find an interest in, they have that foundation.
An area of difficulty may be evaluating web site sources. There will be a review before starting the research. Another area may be what to do for the project once they choose a topic. We will be spending a great deal of time in the brainstorming mode as a whole class. I will be sure to conference with each group.

The actual steps and process towards the final project will be given points as well as the final project itself. Students will fill in a contract for their grade. They will complete the steps involved to get the grade they want.
I will be checking their Inspiration outlines and links throughout the process.
Students' learning be assessed by an assignment involving taking Cornell notes over main points of presentation. There will be a quiz over the information presented.
Students will have a checklist they will follow for the entire process to assess them. The contract will serve as a basis for their grade.
Students will reflect on the presentations by writing in their journals the implications and influences of Shakespeare. Journal entries will be shared as well as a discussion after each presentation.

Teaching Strategies
Students will be working hands-on with the Internet and Inspiration to answer their own questions.
By using Inspiration, they will make connections to how to best organize information.
It will show students that I'm not the only one who loves Shakespeare! We study him because he's part of our modern world. It makes real the influence Shakespeare has on literature, language, and our world. By researching on the Internet, students will realize his global impact. They will be engaged learners responsible for finding answers to their own questions. Because they have chosen their own topic, students have a meaningful interest in their work.

Materials and Resources
Books and resources: Allamakee Junior High Library, 2000 edition of Glencoe McDougal Textbook,
Community Resources: Public Library
Technology Resources:, digital camera, internet, Inspiration software

Students will be working in partners. They will be getting feedback from other groups and whole group.
Physically, the classroom will be in the shape of a "U" with two rows and with desks arranged in pairs. The seating arrangement will determine the partners.
Students will be working in the classroom and computer lab.
Students who need extra help can come in during study halls, work with resource teacher, or come in before or after school
I will be team teaching with a resource teacher. We will be able to evaluate and adapt as needed. More guidance with my accommodation class will help them choose appropriate projects. The assignment is set up so students work at own level and in an area that they are interested.

Support Services
I will need help with the digital camera. Students will need instruction on Inspiration, so I will have Jerry Heck, our technology coordinator, to assist me in teaching that to the students. I will also contact the technology coordinator for any help needed with the computer or Internet. The resource teacher will be available for help with any special needs students.
I will need support from parents. I want to make parents aware of the assignments objectives through a letter. A follow-up will be to publish their projects and/or pictures on the Internet and an article in the newsletter or school newspaper.

Checklist for Shakespeare Project
Names: ___________________________________
Subject: __________________________________

1. Brainstorm ideas and/or questions you still have about Romeo and Juliet, Elizabethan Era, and Shakespeare.
2. Choose an area to research.
3. Brainstorm and outline your research project using Inspiration.
4. Fill out contract for grade.
5. Evaluate web sites. Total you need five credible sources, three of which are web sites.
6. Add web sites you evaluated and chose to use for research to your outline using Inspiration.
7. Word-process a paper about your subject. Document accurately using a Works Cited page.
8. Word-process one paragraph stating what and how think your subject still has implications or influences today.
9. Make a visual aid for your presentation. Some examples could be a 3-D piece of artwork, poster, replica, demonstration, PowerPoint presentation, or model. Be creative!
10. Present your organized project to the class.
11. Take Cornell notes on main idea of each presentation.
12. After each presentation, write in journal about the influences and implications of their subject with our world today.
13. Publish your project.

Contract for project grade
Directions: Read through the grades and decide what grade you will work toward. Fill out the bottom portion.

C grade requirements = You will participate in all the activities and assignments, turn assignments in on time, create an outline using Inspiration, evaluate sources and will use time wisely.

B grade requirements = Completion of "C" grade, plus have a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Information was documented correctly. Outstanding effort on entire project including visual and presentation. The project was well organized.

A grade requirements = All the work for B and C, plus assist classmates with all parts of this process, and publish your work.

Grade you will work toward: _______ Sign here: _______________________________