Grade: Elementary

#1811. Author of the Month

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Reinbeck Elem., Reinbeck, U.S.A.
Materials Required: Internet, library books
Activity Time: 4 half hour sessions per month
Concepts Taught: Author Study

Using the Internet to Enhance Student Learning: Final Project

Title: Author of the Month

Subject Matter Emphasis and Level: Reading, grade 4

Brief Description of the lesson:

I have chosen an author of the month that goes along with the themes in our reading book. Each month I will have the kids make an author booklet. Included in the booklet will be a picture of the author, list of books written, author facts in a web, and an author report. I will start the first few months doing the reports as a whole class. After that I will have them work with their group. When they are ready I'll have them do their own booklets with assistance from their group.

Why Do This?

The standard that is addressed in this activity is read, understand, and respond to a variety of materials for various purposes. Our district's mission statement includes promoting life-long learning. When the children research the authors on the web they will be learning how to find answers to their own questions on the web.

Learning about different authors will spark more interest in reading. It will also help the children see that the authors are people, and let them know that they can be authors, too.


Critical Objective: Demonstrates independence as a reader by: can choose a book appropriate to their level, reads a variety of different types of books, maintains a record of books read, and sets appropriate goals.

I will eventually have the students choose their own author to research. This learning connects to other content areas by learning how to access information on the Internet.

The prior learning that a student would need would be a familiarity with authors. It would also be helpful to have some practice writing reports.

The students might have a hard time conceptualizing how to use the written material and writing it in their own words. By using a web it will help them organize their ideas into a report.


I will integrate instruction and assessment by using a rubric. The students will know before they start the project what will be expected of them. To assess their learning I will have them present their project to the class. I will also use the rubric. I will ask them to keep referring to the rubric as they work.

Teaching Strategies

The students will learn the content best by actually doing the investigating of authors themselves. They will discover concepts through interacting with the world when they seek information on the Internet. The lesson will encourage students to construct knowledge in deep and meaningful ways by mapping the author information. The lesson will encourage students to be responsible for their own learning because each student will be making their own booklet.

Materials and Resources

Chris Van Allsburg

Eloise Greenfield

Laura Ingalls Wilder


I will have the classroom divided up into groups of four. The desks will be pushed together to form five separate groups. We will work in our room except when we use the Internet in the computer lab, since we only have one computer in the classroom. As they're working I will move between groups. The special needs kids may need extra help from our resource teacher.

Support Services

I may need help learning more about the Inspiration program once we buy it. I may visit with the resource teacher once I see that some of the students need extra help.

Author of the Month

September: Chris Van Allsburg - fantasy

October: Aliki - nonfiction

November: Eloise Greenfield -- humorous folktale

December: Laura Ingalls Wilder - author

January: Michael Bond - mystery

February: Langston Hughes - biography

March: Johanna Hurwitz -- realistic fiction